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Ocean Finance, has been a major lender of secured and unsecured personal loans since1991. From that period to the present day the company has sold hundreds of thousands of loans to customers in the UK.
Sometimes these loans were sold with Payment Protection Insurance aka PPI. The policies were setup to help protect the consumer’s loan payments if they become sick or unemployed.

The problem was that these policies were often miss-sold sometimes Ocean Finance PPI simply added to the customer’s loan without asking them. PPI is completely optional you decide whether you want it or not and having it forced on on you is one of the many miss -selling complaints that we hear about.

We are professionals at Ocean finance PPI claims we have successfully won many cases with this lender due to the policy being miss-sold. Were you a Ocean finance customer? If so did you have PPI and was it miss-sold? We can help you answer the last to 2 questions free of charge.

If you have your loan agreement check it now for Ocean Finance PPI or if your not sure we can check it for you. If however you do not have any paperwork, perhaps you have lost or destroyed it we can can still help. At Claimspower we have successfully recovered compensation without any paperwork so do not worry. We experts at PPI let us work on your case and get back the money that is rightfully yours together with 8% compensation.

We will investigate your case at no cost on a no win no fee basis. If we win your case you pay us a small settlement fee. So you really can’t lose.

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