Rejected PPI claim? – Let Claimspower be your ally to victory.

Everyone’s talking about mis-sold PPI, Claimspower, the Ombudsman and how easy it all is. So you knew you had a loan or credit card and you knew you’d had payment protection insurance on it. You believed you had a genuine claim for mis-sold PPI and having done all the paperwork you received a letter from the lender stating ‘rejected ppi claim’. So now what?

Why did I receive a rejected PPI letter?

If your claim was rejected ...

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PPI rejected? – PPI claims can be appealed and won!

After years of systematic mis-selling by the banks, PPI claims are now all the rage and you will hear many successful stories about the thousands of pounds claimants have received. You always hear about the ‘easy process’ and ‘how quick my claim was settled’. Unfortunately there is also a large proportion of consumers who are finding that the lenders are not so forthcoming, despite the high court ruling that mis-sold PPI has to be repayed, in many cases ‘ Continue Reading →

Why was my legitimate claim for PPI rejected?

We know banks are paying out billions in PPI claims and we know that there is a strong likelihood that any PPI you have, may well have been mis-sold. Yet even when the correct processes are followed and you eagerly await your successful PPI claim, you suddenly find yourself with a rejected PPI claim instead.

Why isn’t my lender paying up?

My PPI claim was rejected, how can they do this? Not all lenders are being purposefully difficult when it ...

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I’ve had a rejected claim– who is right?

PPI rejected’ was not what you were expecting to see on the letter from your lender. You did your research, you applied for a claim and now they are saying ‘sorry, you don’t have a claim, goodbye!’

Let’s have a look at some examples of how and why PPI may have been mis-sold to you. If you believe you fit into one of these categories and you have still had a rejected claim, you should consider appealing as it’s very ...

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