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Payment Protection Insurance with Bank of Scotland aka as HBOS is a service that was created to protect and cover your Loans, Mortgages, Credit Card repayments in the event that you fall ill and unable to work. There is a good chance that your PPI was mis-sold to you and this is the best time to claim.

Statistics show that millions of people have been mis-sold PPI. You could be one of them and the time to act is right now!

If you have been banking with Bank of Scotland for the last 32 years, it is time to take action. Check your statements or credit agreement if you have them for following terms which are just some of the PPI disguises:

Credit cards repayment
Secured personal loan repayment cover/ insurance
Total Mortgage Protection Plan
Payment Protection

Notice how they all cleverly disguised to make you think they are part of the borrowing but they are not!

If you feel that you are not sure about terms stated above just contact us for free advice on whether or not you have a valid Bank of Scotland PPI claim.

PPI exists on all kinds of financial lending. Whether it’s a mortgage, a credit card, or just a loan, there is a strong possibility that you have been paying PPI unknowingly.


  • Claim back as far as 32 years (not the standard 6 years)
  • Free PPI Check-Up
  • We can tell you if you were Mis-sold
  • Dedicated account manager
  • No old paperwork is necessary
  • Great track record
  • We can fast track your claim
  • We maximize your payout with other lender searches
  • EXPATS can claim with us – contact us wherever you are in the world.

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