PPI Claims


Not sure if you qualify for PPI claims? Fear not.  To establish if you have a valid claim please read the following questions. If you can answer YES to any of the points below then you maybe eligible for PPI claims Please note that if you are unsure please contact us.


  • You worked LESS than 16 hours a week when you took out PPI cover?
  • You were self-employed when PPI was sold to you?
  • You were retired when PPI was sold to you?
  • You were unemployed when PPI was sold to you?
  • You were NOT asked about any other insurance policies you had in place?
  • You had ALTERNATIVE cover in place such as income protection but the sales person didnt ask you about this?
  • You were NOT told that taking out PPI cover was an optional agreement?
  • You were told that the PPI was necessary for you to get the loan?
  • You felt PRESSURED into agreeing to buy PPI and were not told about the total costs?
  • You DIDN’T ask for PPI and not told you were buying PPI, but it was added anyway to your credit?
  • You were NOT told that the same PPI policy could be bought cheaper elsewhere?
  • You were NOT told about the cost of the PPI, but it was added in anyway?
  • You had an existing illness when the PPI was sold to you?
  • You were not informed that the PPI policy would not cover conditions such as backache?
  • You were NOT told of any conditions, restrictions or exclusions such as stress related illnesses?
  • You were NOT eligible to claim on the PPI policy?
  • The PPI policy was purchased to cover a long term loan, but it covered only short period. This was not explained
  • You were NOT told you have a right to cancel after taking out the PPI sale?
  • You applied for a loan online where the box for PPI was automatically ticked.


If you can relate to any of the above points then you may have a valid PPI claim! File your claim today and get back the money that you are owed in weeks with compensation! Claim now here 

File your claim now using our safe secure full claim form