LloydsTSB PPI Claims – Good Success Record & Easy online application

Lloyds Bank is yet another financial institution that has been adding PPI to loans and credit cards. If you have had Lloyds TSB PPI added to your loan, mortgage or credit card you are entitled to make a claim.

This is money that is rightfully yours and can be claimed on any LloydsTSB PPI that you have been charged in the last 18 years. The sooner you make a claim the sooner you will receive your compensation. At Claimspower we have a very good success rate in obtaining our clients money and we have been successful even in cases that have previously been rejected.

We work fast and we work aggressively on your behalf to recover your money. We don’t charge you any fees in advance and we only charge if we are successful, so in the unlikely event that we were unable to recover your money you would owe us nothing. Our fees are among the lowest in the industry at just 18% of the amount we obtain for you.
You might ask yourself why you should use us to handle your claim if you could do it yourself. Of course, the truth is that – yes – you could do it yourself. However, dealing with Lloyds bank can be a long drawn out, tiring business. Customers of ours who have tried handling their own claim have told us that they can be quite aggressive on the telephone and their correspondence is often very curt. Of course, they have no wish to pay out and if they can scare you off they will.

However, when Lloyds are dealing with us they adopt a very different stance. They are fully aware that they can’t scare us and that we are not going to go away. Think of it this way: you are probably capable of servicing your car yourself. However, most people prefer to take it to the garage and let the professionals deal with it.

Another consideration is that if your claim is rejected you then need to appeal. It can take up to two years for the regulator to hear your appeal. It is so important that it is done correctly the first time and with Claimspower on your side, in the vast majority of cases you will have had your money (and perhaps even spent it) long before that.
Our service is fast and friendly and results in the highest possible compensation payout for you. We assign you a dedicated account manager who will handle your claim and keep you informed every step of the way. If you are an expat still living abroad it does not affect the situation. You are still entitled to your compensation.


  • Claim back as far 30 years (not the standard 6 years)
  • Free PPI Check Up
  • We can tell you if you were Mis-sold
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Experts in rejected or refused LLOYDSTSB PPI claims
  • No paperwork is necessary
  • Fast and effective
  • Excellent track record
  • We can fast track your claim
  • We maximise your payout with other lender searches for free.
  • EXPATS can claim with us – contact us wherever you are in the world.


So if you have been mis-sold Lloyds TSB PPI or simply had it added to your loan or credit card let us act on your behalf and obtain the money that is rightfully yours. Just complete the easy claim form below and we will have your dedicated claims specialist in touch with you straight away.

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