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Northern Rock Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) was originally designed to cover the cost of your Northern Rock Loans, Northern Rock Credit Card, or Northern Rock Mortgage should you become unemployed, or unable to work due to illness and could not keep up with the payments.

Even if you are not sure or if your loan has finished, contact us straight away so that we can offer you free advice as to whether you may have a claim against Northern Rock.

Even if you no longer have any paperwork relating to your agreement with Northern Rock we may be able to legally request this from your lender, as many customers may have taken their loan or credit card out up to 17 years ago. Throughout the process, we will provide you with an expert advisor who will help you and explain anything that you do not understand. Please note this does not affect your relationship with your bank or your credit rating in any way.

Northern Rock is one of the high street banks that sold PPI to thousands of customers all around the country, so if you are a Northern Rock customer and you have taken out a loan or any finance out in the past, then there is a good chance that you were sold Northern Rock PPI.

It is important you do not delay though. If you think that your PPI was mis-sold to you by Northern Rock and you would like to make a claim simply complete the below form and one of our specialist advisors will contact you to discuss your case.  You can also use this form to find out whether you had PPI with your Northern Rock loan or not.

There are no limits to the number of Northern Rock PPI claims you can make – if you have had PPI with Northern Rock then you are eligible for a claim. Remember, it is not just on a loan that you have had PPI; you could have PPI on credit cards, store cards, mortgages, car finance or even overdrafts with Northern Rock. Claimspower has extensive experience dealing with all types of Northern Rock PPI claims.

Complete the contact us form below and one of our Northern Rock PPI claim specialists will contact you shortly. Alternatively, if you would like your PPI claim fast-tracked please complete the online PPI claim form now.

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