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What is a Packaged Bank Account?

A Packaged Bank Account is a current account that comes with other goods or services. Generally, these include at least one insurance product (such as travel or mobile phone insurance), but it may also include a range of other non-insurance goods or services (such as airport lounge access). You usually have to pay a monthly fee for a packaged bank account. They might be called things like “reward”, “premium” or “gold” accounts – and there’s usually a monthly fee attached them.

What features and benefits do you get with them?

  • Breakdown cover
  • Travel insurance
  • Insurance for gadgets and phones
  • Exclusive savings account rates
  • Home insurance
  • Airport Lounge Access

How much they cost?

Packaged bank accounts charge a monthly fee, usually between £5 to £50 per month.

Some also have requirements like:

  • Paying a certain amount into the account each month, e.g. £1,000 or more
  • Paying out a number of direct debits from the account each month, e.g. two

Some bank accounts charge a lower monthly fee as long as you meet its requirements.

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