PPI Referral

PPI Referral

We think claimspower.com is great and many customers think so too and recommend us to their friends and family. We are striving to help more people claim back their mis-sold PPI and our PPI Referral scheme is open to anyone.

So if you have family or friends who might have a claim, then maybe we could help them too. For every PPI referral that results in a successful claim, we’ll send you a cheque for up to £50 impressive hey, we think so too.

The friends or family members recommended by you are not under any type of obligation to claim, but payment will only be made on claims started.

So share the benefits of reclaiming mis-sold PPI today by completing the PPI referral form on the right-hand side.

PPI Referral Terms and Conditions

  • Your name will be mentioned when contacting a recommendation
  • We will attempt contact with all recommendations, but will not be at fault or liable for payment of the referral fee if a recommendation does not proceed with a claim with us, or decides to cancel during the 14 days cooling off period. And is not successful.
  • No person(s) can recommend themselves
  • You cannot recommend an existing customer
  • It is important you understand you will not be paid for a recommendation if your name is not mentioned during the application stage if your friend decides contacts us directly
  • No person can recommend anyone with the same postal address as their own
  • Number of recommendations can not exceed more than 20 per 3 month quarter.
  • You can’t be recommended by someone who you have previously recommended yourself
  • This offer is open to residents of the UK only
  • The referral fee cheque(s) will be despatched 30 days after Claimspower have completely processed the valid claim.
  • You will not be paid for recommending someone who has already been recommended and is claiming.
  • If the claims are referred to the regulator you fee will be only payable on a successful decision.