PPI rejected? – PPI claims can be appealed and won!

After years of systematic mis-selling by the banks, PPI claims are now all the rage and you will hear many successful stories about the thousands of pounds claimants have received. You always hear about the ‘easy process’ and ‘how quick my claim was settled’. Unfortunately there is also a large proportion of consumers who are finding that the lenders are not so forthcoming, despite the high court ruling that mis-sold PPI has to be repayed, in many cases ‘PPI rejected’ is becoming the common theme.

What are PPI Claims?
Put simply, you would have been paying for payment protection insurance on your loan or credit card. In many cases PPI can be a valid, required insurance and considered a sensible policy to have. However there was a period where PPI was mis-sold, a lot – You may fall into the mis-sold category for a variety of reasons – see the list below for the top 6 reasons. If your PPI was mis-sold you have a PPI claim; a right to claim back the money you paid on the policy.

Reasons you may have a PPI claim:

Your provider has already been fined?
You had medical problems in the past?
You were self-employed, unemployed or retired?
You were advised of or sold the wrong thing?
You didn’t realise you had cover?
You were told it was compulsory?

I put in a PPI claim and the response was PPI rejected – now what?

‘PPI rejected’ is frustrating to see, especially when you are quite sure your claim is legitimate. But if the lenders are saying ‘PPI rejected’ there isn’t much I can do right? Wrong! Don’t be disheartened, this isn’t the end of the road. Even though there is a high court ruling to the lenders it would appear they are still trying to avoid paying where possible. ‘PPI rejected’ should be translated as ‘we are trying to fob you off and hope you will give up!’
Your response should be to appeal. You can appeal to the Financial Ombudsman who will review your case and make a final ruling. If you don’t wish to do this yourself there are many professional organisations such as Claimspower who can appeal your PPI claim to overcome the PPI rejected decision. Don’t lose heart. If at first you don’t succeed try again, after all we are potentially talking about thousands of pounds here, that you paid out when you shouldn’t have done.

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