youHave you had a rejected ppi claim recently?

If so then, do not worry and do not be disheartened. We are specialists in over turning rejected claims.
Firstly if the claim was refused on the grounds that there was no PPI policy in place, then it is impossible to proceed any further! However, if you have had PPI and the bank refused the claim in the last 6 months we can take the claim on. This will done by either dealing with the bank/lender on your behalf or forwarding the claim and necessary paperwork to the Financial Ombudsman. We have an excellent track record in overturning rejected claims. In fact it has to be said that we are one of only a few claims management companies that tends to specialise a significant amount of our resources on rejected claims.


Is There a Time Limit for Re-submitting a Claim?

Yes. For us to be able to take on the rejected ppi claim, your claim must not be over 6 mths old from the date of the decision letter that you received from you lender. So the earlier the better, as this will give us the opportunity to assess why it was rejected and proceed with your claim so that we can get the compensation that you maybe owed..


Why was my PPI Claim Rejected?

Did you know that 60% of all claims are classed as “rejected ppi claim” through no fault of your own. There are an number of reasons why they can be rejected, one tactic the banks/lenders uses is to try to use ambiguous/vague and generalised terms on the letter rather than pointing out actual reasons about your claim.  This is an effective counter measure that they use so that they stay within the regulations, it is one of many tactics/deceptions that the banks uses to reject the claim. Other times it is far more complex which requires more research but don’t worry our highly trained specialists can help detect and root out the issues.


Act fast and complete the rejected form at the bottom of this page. We can then assess your case and to then take this on. It is helpful at this stage to provide a copy of the final correspondence from the bank so that we can write to them in the first instance.

It is worth pointing out that some clients that contact us regarding Rejected PPI claims are often skeptical of any success. They often have the attitude that I dont have any thing to lose so why not. So they are stunned not only when we successfully win the case but also obtain the compensation that they are owed with interest! So why not contact us and let us work our magic on your rejected PPI claim.

Once we have received your signed instruction we will either contact the bank/lender or escalate the matter to the regulator with full details and keep you informed every step of the way. We will fight your corner every step of the way.