Rejected PPI claim? – Let Claimspower be your ally to victory.

Everyone’s talking about mis-sold PPI, Claimspower, the Ombudsman and how easy it all is. So you knew you had a loan or credit card and you knew you’d had payment protection insurance on it. You believed you had a genuine claim for mis-sold PPI and having done all the paperwork you received a letter from the lender stating ‘rejected ppi claim’. So now what?

Why did I receive a rejected PPI letter?

If your claim was rejected on the grounds that you did not, in fact, have PPI on the lending, then unfortunately there’s no more you can do. However if you did in fact have PPI, and the claim was still rejected, then there is a strong likelihood that you could have the decision reviewed and your rejected ppi claim upheld.

2011 saw a high court ruling ordering banks to compensate customers who had been mis-sold PPI. Unfortunately the Financial Ombudsman advised that in 2011-2012, 75% of cases that they reviewed due to primary rejected ppi claims, were eventually ruled in favour of the claimant. This just goes to show that the rejection letter is not necessarily as black and white as the lender would like you to believe.
This is worrying for the general public, who might believe the letter from the lender is the final word on the matter, when in fact it is not. You have the right to appeal directly to the Financial Ombudsman, or if you have run out of steam with the whole process and don’t fancy a fight with the lender, you can use an organization such as Claimspower to continue your appeal on your behalf.

Appealing the decision with Claimspower

Lenders have been known to blind the claimant with jargon regarding the claim, when in fact the rejected ppi claim should have been honoured. have specialist resources for appealing rejected PPI claims to help consumers claim back what they are owed. So long as your rejection letter was dated within the last 6 months, they can take your case on. do this day in day out and are well versed in the lender’s tactics for avoiding a legitimate claim.
So you have two choices, file your rejected PPI letter, make a cup of tea and think ‘well it was worth a try’ or pass your rejected PPI letter to Claimspower, make a cup of tea and think ‘well that was easy’. Then just sit back and relax while Claimspower do the hard work for you and, if your case was legitimate, just wait for the cheque to arrive. Rejected PPI? Let Claimspower at it!

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