Sainsburys PPI Claim

Sainsburys Bank was formed in 1997, it was the first supermarket in the UK to open a bank. When it launched it began offering loans, credit cards and savings accounts.  It has proven to be so successful that it sold thousands of loan and credit card agreements to its customers.  Payment Protection Insurance aka PPI was often sold in addition to these agreements. Sainsburys PPI is designed to protect your repayments if you become sick or unemployed.

The PPI policies that Sainsbury’s sold to its customers were often mis-sold to people who would find it impossible to make a valid claim due to their individual circumstances. In other cases, the PPI was added to the credit agreement without the customer being informed. To be clear PPI plans are completely optional so the decision should be yours alone.

If you have had a loan or credit card with Sainsbury’s there is a chance you may have been paying PPI. If so we will investigate for free and assess if your policy was mis-sold. If establish miss-selling then we will fight your case and ensure that you get back ALL the premiums you paid plus 8% interest. We will also check if you have had PPI on any of your other borrowing with other lenders at no extra cost.

We have a very good track record in reclaiming Sainsburys PPI. This is the reason why so many people successfully claim Claimspower. We work on a no win no fee basis if we do not win your case you pay us nothing.  No paperwork required. If we win, you pay our all-inclusive success fee is 18%, it’s your money let us help you get it back with the maximum compensation possible. The average PPI claim is £3000, let us help you recover the money that is rightfully yours.


  • Claim back as far as 30 years (not the standard 6 years)
  • Free PPI Check-Up
  • We can tell you if you were Mis-sold
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Experts in rejected or refused PPI claims
  • No paperwork is necessary
  • Fast and effective
  • Excellent track record
  • We can fast track your claim
  • We maximize your payout with other lender searches for free.
  • EXPATS can claim with us – contact us wherever you are in the world.

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