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Here at Claimspower we are fully committed to providing our clients with the highest level of service at all times. We are a friendly approachable organisation, employing our own professional specialist team in order to process your claim both fast and efficiently from start to finish. Unlike many Claims Management Companies, we will not sell on your case to any solicitor or other company for that matter. We will process all the claims ourselves no matter what it’s net worth. Claimspower is a trading name of Brownstar we are a UK Company specialising in the recovery of premiums and interest from mis-sold Insurance policies. We are Regulated by the Claims Management Regulator in respect of regulated claims management activities. We will assess your claim FREE of charge and with no obligation to you.

So you may be asking yourself what makes Claimspower different and why you should let us deal with your claim.

That is a good question, as choosing a claims company should not be taken lightly. So, below we have made that process easier by giving you 21 good reasons why you should let us deal with your claim.

  • 1) No Win, No Fee…
    (If we don’t win you pay nothing! “Fee payable if the case is not pursued at client’s request”)
  • 2) Expert Claims Specialists.
    (Our team only deals with specialist claims and as a result, you can be sure of expert help.)
  • 3) One of the lowest fees in the industry.
    (We charge only charge a reasonable amount for successful claims)
  • 4) We Handle the Whole Process.
    (We’re happy to give advice to customers who feel they have been mis-sold, encouraging them to make their complaint)
  • 5) Stress-free.
    (Our services are designed to help you claim your money back without you having to spend time out of your day)
  • 6) Personal service.
    (We’ll find every instance of premiums payments across all of your borrowings even those you may have forgotten about!)
  • 7) Dedicated claim specialist.
    (Our specialised claims team enable us to offer a dedicated, bespoke service)
  • 8) Regular updates.
    (Unlike other claims management companies, we give each claim a dedicated claim manager keeping you updated.)
  • 9) Fast, friendly and efficient service.
  • 10) Expertise and experience in PPI.
  • 11) Quick and easy application – we handle everything!
  • 12) Free Review.
    (Free no obligation review! On all loans in the past 20 years paid off or still being paid.)
  • 13) Fast settlements.
    (We aim is to get a settlement within weeks!)
  • 14) Highly Recommended.
  • 15) All Processing In-house.
    (We’re a British family company and we don’t subcontract any of our work.)
  • 16) We’re Regulated by the Claims Management Regulator in respect of regulated claims management activities.
  • 17) Expats can claim too, even if resident outside the UK.
  • 18) Excellent Track Record of Claim Settlement. 
  • 19) FREE Help, Advice and Assessment of Your Claim.
  • 20) High success rate in overturning rejected PPI claims.
  • 21) We will work hard to get your money back with compensation.

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