Why was my legitimate claim for PPI rejected?

We know banks are paying out billions in PPI claims and we know that there is a strong likelihood that any PPI you have, may well have been mis-sold. Yet even when the correct processes are followed and you eagerly await your successful PPI claim, you suddenly find yourself with a rejected PPI claim instead.

Why isn’t my lender paying up?

My PPI claim was rejected, how can they do this? Not all lenders are being purposefully difficult when it comes to claims. One possibility is that you may not, in fact, have a legitimate claim. There are some key criteria to determine if you were mis-sold and you may have your PPI rejected simply because it was in fact, sold to your fairly.

However some lenders are using terminology in their PPI rejected letters which is at best vague and at worst misleading. The purpose of which is to hope the claimant gives up on pursuing the claim after the rejected PPI response even though the claim is valid.

Other reasons for having your PPI rejected may be more in-depth and arguing your case may be more difficult, even if you are in the right. You might find that using a professional claim organization may be a stress free way to appeal against rejected PPI.

Rejected PPI can I appeal?
Yes you can appeal a claim. Unless they have advised that your claim is not valid because you didn’t actually have PPI, then it is worth pursuing an appeal against a PPI rejected claim.

Firstly rewrite to your lender and outline exactly why you believe your PPI premiums should be repaid to you. You may also mention that if your claim is not settled to your satisfaction then you will involve the Financial Ombudsman. This should hopefully get them moving!

If it doesn’t, don’t fear. You can always follow through and involve the Ombudsman. In 2011-2012 the found 75% of claims they reviewed, which had previously been PPI rejected, were upheld in the claimants favour.

I don’t have time to appeal my rejected PPI – can someone else do it for me?
Absolutely, there are many organisations that will make a claim on your behalf. Most offering No win-No fee. So you have nothing to lose by employing these services, if you don’t wish to do it yourself. Some offer specialisms in rejected PPI claims so of your facing a PPI rejected letter and don’t know where to go from here you can read up more on the benefits of using a professional claims handler.

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